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Welcome to Hillewaere

At Hillewaere Insurance, we know that protecting your assets is important.

You expect and count on an insurer who understands you and thinks with you, but also someone who works according to the same values and with the same motives. Similarities such as drive, ambition, authenticity, commitment and passion connect us.

Welcome to Hillewaere. An insurer as unique as you.

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0 offices in Belgium
Hillewaere Insurance operates across Flanders and Brussels, offering its services through an extensive network of 11 regional offices.
0 employees
We are proud of our team of professional staff. Every day, they go all out to provide the most personalised service for you, the customer. We have specific and experienced expertise for every insurance question.
0 customers
Satisfied customers, that's what we go for. We always offer you, the customer, the most optimal and specialised insurance solution, tailored to your life and your future.

Tailor-made personal approach

Personal contact with you as a customer is a priority for us.
We guarantee this personal service by organising the administrative part of our staff as efficiently as possible with the help of technology. This high-tech back office not only enables us to really make personal customer contact a reality, but also allows us to achieve commercial synergies that allow us to serve you as a customer tailored to your life and your future.
Franken Pommery
The initial reason for depositing my insurance policies with Hillewaere Insurances | T&T and Quirynen was my personal connection with the managers and the firm's good reputation.
Bernard Dengis · CEO Vranken Pommery
Philippe Zeyen
Following some claims, we were helped very quickly and efficiently by Hillewaere Insurances | Lesseliers & Co and their staff.
Philippe Zeyen · Ophthalmologist within ZNA

    Our solutions for:


    You are proud of your enterprise where continuity is always paramount. You are aware of the opportunities, but also the risks within your sector and strive to protect your company as best you can.


    As an ambitious entrepreneur, you are always looking ahead, both to the opportunities in your professional field and to the potential risks and consequences associated with your independent status.

    Private life

    You work hard but also enjoy life. You choose an insurance package tailored to your life, with insurances that cater to this and guarantee your individual lifestyle now and in the future.


    As a medical professional, you are driven, committed and involved. You are aware of the risks involved in your professional activity and count on an insurance package that allows you to carry it out correctly, with the assurance of protection.

    Liberal professions

    You strive to build your professional success within your field. You always look ahead to opportunities and are aware of the risks and consequences associated with your independent status.


    Every professional sector is unique. With specific sector characteristics, regulations and insurances that meet them and fully and correctly cover your company's professional activity.

    Interesting insights

    Hillewaere Groep slaat handen in elkaar met Cambien Verzekeringen uit Kortrijk

    Hillewaere Groep slaat handen in elkaar met Cambien Verzekeringen uit Kortrijk

    26 Jan 2024
    Press & publicity
    We nemen met de Hillewaere Groep Cambien Verzekeringen uit Kortrijk op in onze organisatie. Dankzij dit partnership versterken we onze aanwezigheid op de West-Vlaamse markt. Na de integratie van Groep NBA uit Kortrijk in 2022, versterken we zo onze ‘Kortrijke hub’ met de broers Bruno en Frederik Cambien en hun medewerkers. “Wij zijn heel blij dat we onze dienstverlening in Kortrijk en omstreken samen verder kunnen uitbouwen”, klinkt het bij Jochen Blondelle, bestuurder Hillewaere Verzekeringen Kortrijk. ​
    Hillewaere Groep blijft groeien en integreert Groep Garant uit Limburg

    Hillewaere Groep blijft groeien en integreert Groep Garant uit Limburg

    24 Jan 2024
    Press & publicity
    We slaan met Hillewaere Groep de handen in elkaar met Groep Garant uit Limburg. Hierdoor versterken we niet alleen de aanwezigheid op de Limburgse markt, maar kan Groep Garant, bestaande uit oorspronkelijk zes makelaarskantoren en zelf gefusioneerd eind 2022, ook verdere groei garanderen. “Dankzij deze consolidatie is er ruimte voor een nóg betere dienstverlening met aandacht voor lokale verankering”, zo stellen we allebei.

    Tailored insurance solution?

    Make an appointment now with our experts in the field and get personalised advice on the options, tailored to your specific situation and professional activity.