A sector
which is specific

counts on an insurer
that delivers customised solutions.

Every professional sector is unique. With specific sector characteristics, regulations and insurances to meet them. Both generally mandatory and sector-specific. As an enterprise within your sector, you want to protect your assets and employees optimally and safeguard the continuity of your organisation. You count on a business insurance package that fully covers your enterprise's professional activity and guards against financial consequences resulting from its performance.

Our solutions for your professional sector

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Agricultural sector

You invest a lot of time and energy in your business. You therefore want to give it the best protection and safeguard your precious investments. You choose an insurance package that fully covers your professional activity.
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Construction is a high-risk professional activity where damage cannot be ruled out. You count on an insurance contract where your company as a whole, but also specific construction projects, are fully covered.
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System of co-ownership

A communal building requires a different insurance approach than traditional buildings and homes. A package that goes beyond fire insurance alone and ensures and protects the overall safety of and improvements to the building.
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Within the transport sector, a well-insured and protected fleet is essential. It is the heart of your enterprise. Your company vehicles and drivers need to be safe on the road. But you also prioritise safety and prevention on and around your company site.
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Your NPO is unique, with specific characteristics that call for customisation. An insurance package that optimally protects your NPO, but also you as director, your employees and volunteers, and guarantees continuity.

Tailored insurance solution?

Can't immediately find the insurance solution you need or are you looking for a specific tailor-made solution? We are happy to look and think with you.