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An expert in his field

deserves a skilled

You strive to build your professional success within your field. You are always looking ahead to opportunities and are aware of the risks and consequences associated with your self-employed status. You count on supplementary personal insurance to protect your assets and private life against the financial consequences of your professional activity. You choose security. Certainty for yourself, your family and the continuity of your company.

Our solutions for you and your liberal profession

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In everyday business, you know that damages to third parties are not unthinkable. A good liability insurance protects your accumulated capital and the continuity of your self-employment.
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Financial future

You work hard for your professional success, aiming for a financially healthy future for you and your family. You count on a sound wealth plan with a well thought-out tailor-made financial strategy and various investment simulations.
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Being healthy is invaluable. When unfortune strikes, you want to be prepared with a good and complete precautionary plan and be assured with your family for what follows.
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Within your self-employed activity, you employ employees. You provide a safe working environment, protect them from contemporary risks within your specific professional sector and motivate and engage them with additional staff insurance.
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Mobility is an essential part of your professional activity. You want to feel confident and safe when you are on the road and rely on an insurance package that follows you and your corporation both literally and figuratively.
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You carry out your self-employed activity in a space attached to your home or as the owner of a commercial building. Your indoor business assets are also of great value. You want to protect this optimally from damage, loss and destruction.
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Legal aid

In carrying out your self-employed activity, you work with several parties. The risk of a business conflict is real. A Legal aid insurance looks after your interests and protects your business.

Tailored insurance solution?

Can't immediately find the insurance solution you need or are you looking for a specific tailor-made solution? We are happy to look and think with you.