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An enterprise
with a story

expects an insurer
who co-writes.

You are proud of your enterprise. Proud of the organisation you manage on a daily basis, of your employees, your company building(s) and your vehicle fleet. Continuity always comes first. You are aware of the opportunities but also the risks within your sector and strive to protect your enterprise as best as you can. You opt for business insurance that supports your organisation's specific activities, protects it from financial consequences, but you also choose an insurer that suits you. Risk-free business operations based on personal contact, that is what is important to you.

Discover our solutions for your enterprise

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In the midst of your business operations, damage to third parties or your own assets is not unthinkable. A good liability insurance policy that covers all your organisation's business activities is therefore essential.
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In today's digital world, your enterprise relies more than ever on a proper and, above all, secure operation of your technological back office. Protect your organisation against cyber incidents such as hacking, theft, extortion or a data breach.
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Financial risks

The success of your investments is susceptible to various financial risks, including those outside your enterprise. The more thorough the risk management, the more fruitful the investments and the better you will be able to anticipate when the risk actually occurs.
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Mobility is an essential part of your enterprise. Good mobility insurance, tailored to your organisation's specific professional activities, is important for the continuity of your fleet.
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Not only your company building(s), but also your indoor assets such as production machines or technical equipment are of great value. You therefore want to protect your assets optimally against damage, loss and destruction.
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Legal aid

Within your enterprise, you work with different parties on a daily basis and the chances of a business conflict are real. When this conflict turns into a legal issue, you could use the help of an expert.

Tailored insurance solution?

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