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Hillewaere Insurance operates all over Flanders and Brussels and offers its services through an extensive network of regional offices.

Hillewaere kantoren

At Hillewaere, we put personal contact with our customers first.

We ensure personal service by arranging the work of our staff on the administrative side as efficiently as possible with the help of technology.

This high-tech back office not only enables us to really make personal customer contact a reality, it also enables us to achieve commercial synergies that allow us to serve our customers according to their lives and their future.

The unique partner structure of Hillewaere Insurance's offices, combining economies of scale and centralisation of support services with the local character of the various offices, their managers and staff, forms a strong foundation and allows us to always offer our clients the most optimal and specialised insurance solutions in their familiar environment, accompanied by the service of their familiar faces.

Hillewaere Insurance is part of Hillewaere Group. A grouping of 3 service companies, which also includes Hillewaere Real Estate and Hillewaere Mortgages.

Within Hillewaere Group, our mission is to provide you, the client, with optimal advice on acquiring, managing and protecting your assets. And to do so in a service-oriented and proactive manner. We always strive for innovation within the sectors in which we operate, with the aim of optimising the quality and speed of service for you as a client.

Work at Hillewaere?

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Dossierbeheerder BOAR

Als Dossierbeheerder Verzekeringen BOAR ben je verantwoordelijk voor de volledige opvolging van de verzekeringsdossiers van een gevarieerde klantenportefeuille bestaande uit ondernemingen, zelfstandigen en hun gezin.
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Administratief Medewerker

Als Administratief Medewerker verwerk je de gegevens van onze klanten en bijhorende polissen in de daarvoor voorziene online systemen en tools. Je maakt offertes en volgt wijzigingen in polissen op.
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Accountmanager Ondernemingen

Vanuit je expertise en oprechte interesse in je klanten en producten, bouw je met hen een langetermijnrelatie op in het advies met betrekking tot hun verzekeringsdossiers. Je werkt samen met een vast team van onderschrijvers die je ondersteunen in marktvergelijkingen, administratieve opvolging en het dagdagelijks beheer van je klanten.

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