Insure your agricultural profession and secure your valuable investments and assets.

You invest a lot of time and energy in your enterprise. You therefore want to give it the best protection and secure your precious investments. You are aware of the risks in your specific branch, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry or fishing, and choose an insurance package that fully covers your professional activity. You insure your assets, buildings and employees against damage and protect your enterprise from financial loss. Thus, your succession and future are already guaranteed.

Our solutions

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Broad Weather insurance

As a farmer with an open crop, you are weather dependent. Broad Weather insurance protects you against loss or damage to your crop due to storm, hail, frost, ice, rainfall and drought.

Tailored insurance solution?

Can't immediately find the insurance solution you need or are you looking for a specific tailor-made solution? We are happy to look and think with you.
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