A driven entrepreneur

deserves an equally
driven insurer.

Entrepreneurship is business. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you therefore always look ahead, both to the opportunities in your professional field and to the possible risks and consequences associated with your independent status. You know that supplementary personal insurance protects you as an entrepreneur from financial consequences that affect your private life and equity. Insure yourself and secure the continuity of your enterprise.

Our solutions for you as an entrepreneur

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Work incapacity

Being sick as an entrepreneur with self-employed status means loss of income. Supplementary insurances protects you in case of illness or rehabilitation after an accident and provides an extra monthly cushion.
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If something happens to you during your work or personal life, hospitalisation may be required. With an Hospitalisation and complementary medical insurances, you offer yourself and your family peace of mind when needed.
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Revenue insurance

As a business manager, your role within your enterprise or corporation is crucial. With a Revenue insurance, you protect your enterprise from financial loss and ensure it is properly compensated when you are out of action as a business manager yourself.
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You work hard for your enterprise or corporation and enjoy life at the same time. However, when disaster strikes, you want to offer your dependants financial protection and peace of mind.
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Pension insurance

As a self-employed entrepreneur, your statutory pension is limited and it is advisable to build up additional pension capital in advance. There are several formulas of supplementary Pension insurance for the self-employed.
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Legal aid

Within your enterprise or corporation, the possibility of a business dispute is not unthinkable. In the event of a legal dispute, your interests and rights are protected and safeguarded with a Legal aid Insurance.
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Capital accumulation

You want to optimally manage and structure your growing capital to maximise returns. A good wealth plan with well thought-out financial strategy and various investment simulations is the starting point.

Tailored insurance solution?

Can't immediately find the insurance solution you need or are you looking for a specific tailor-made solution? We are happy to look and think with you.